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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 30, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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york gubernatorial candidate, paladino, who is in a tightening race and we will talk about that and the conversation that we all have seen now. >>shepard: the news begins anew on studio b. box one, president obama's newest advisor on credit cards making a splash during the first major speech. we will tell you would she compared to "snakes." in washington, companies need to make more changes to protect us. box two: remembering the man who started in hollywood's big movies, the life and death of tony curtis. have scientists found another earth that could support human life? it's all new. it's all ahead. unless breaking news changes everything. but, first, from fox at 3:00 from new york, potentially dangerous weather blowing up the east coast. rain.
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and some wind. making a mess. this morning in new york city, it was monsoon-like rain. the midland issues has tornado watches and warnings. especially in virginia. across the border in north carolina, they took, look at flooding there. this is wilmington near the coast. and southeast corner of the state. and folks can expect this all over the place. our chief meteorologist is in the weather center. it looks like it moved west. >>reporter: most of the moisture is to the west of new york city and areas to the south. but you are seeing the pictures of wilmington with rainfall since sunday, over 20" in a matter of five days. that is causing big problems. and it is still raining. the new area of low pressure is building. that will funnel the moisture. the reason the moisture is dense is because of moisture from
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nicole with tornado watch in pennsylvania, delaware and all this rain that is heavy, a lot of leaves on the trees and we will see those knocked off. some of the leaves have changed and that will cause big time flooding. the totals just since yesterday, again, in wilmington, 8" and over 20" since early this week. this is where we got the flooding concerns, flash flooding going on now including in the capitol and west of philadelphia and baltimore and a lot of wind with the storm so we have all kind of advisories here, new york city and across long island and toward boston, with trees down because of this. so we have a rough night ahead. new york city is not seeing it but it will pull into new york this afternoon and evening. >>shepard: by the time it is time to fly it will be fine in newark, right?
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>>reporter: tomorrow morning you could be delayed and get out around 12:00 noon. >>shepard: thank you, sir. a big day at the white house. fox is confirmed president obama will tomorrow morning announce the chief of staff, rahm emanuel, is stepping down and the resignation is reportedly effective immediately. rahm emanuel is expected to run for mayor of chicago and according to the associated press he will leave washington this weekend so he can start campaigning monday. but the departure leave as hole in the obama administration because the chief of staff runs the day-to-day operations at the white house and the gatekeeper at the oval office. our man at the white house, mike, the reality for the chief of staff, if he wants to be mayor he needs to get to work. >>reporter: no question. rahm emanuel is famous at the white house for work ethic and he is famously said on the weekends there is only two more work days until monday, so he cannot do the seven day a week
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job and run for the mayor of chicago and that job is not going to be handed to him. he needs to get there open the ground, work with the local state weapses and make the case where he can serve them best. >>shepard: and robert gibbs said there would be two announcements tomorrow. is something changes about robert gibbs? >>reporter: no. pete rouse, a senior advisor to president obama will be named interim chief of staff. sources have said he served as chief of staff to senator obama and has the trust, faith, and confidence of the president and the famous picture of him in the oval office and rouse has a long history in washington, dc, as chief of staff to the senator obama, and to senator daschle, 30-plus years on the hill and well-known in the white house and well connected. >>shepard: thank you from the white house. they survived multiple tours in
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iraq and afghanistan but a variety of factors are pushing the military to more and more often kill themselves at the home. the top military officer in the country says it will get worse. according to the army more than 200 troops have taken their lives with the army reporting 32 suicide deaths in the month of june alone. now the admiral warns more will kill themselves ahead. the chief fox correspondent is like with news from the newsroom. why is this becoming news now? >>reporter: because of the alarming upward trend. it is disturbing now for the last six years for the army and if you drill down into the figures, in 2007, there were 148 deaths, suicides, among the army and the marines. 2008 that climbed to 182. last year, there were 214 army and marine suicides and already
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this year we are over the 200-mark so army and marine officials are simply very, very concerned about where this is headed. >>shepard: i assume the experts say there are a lost factors. >>reporter: a lost factors. obviously, the main one "war is hell." the stress the men and women go through is extraordinary what they see on the battlefield, what they have to do on the battlefield but there are added pressures when they come home. i spoke to the strategy room of fox news and asked what are the factors and he said it is the homecoming that can be hard for a lot of the men and women. >> suicides seem to occur around relationship basis and it's, it will be a phenomenon for returning troops to see if their love and emotional relationships that they had going before are
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the same as going back. >>reporter: and he says there is another problem they come from the adrenalin fill life of being at war to the more mundane life of back at home and that is another stress. >>shepard: does the army have a plan? >>reporter: they are taking more action than ever. there have been a series of videos put out by the army now. one titled "shoulder to shoulder," i will not give up on life, that is about the buddy system looking out for each other, for your friends, providing for and looking for warning signs. and of course the chairman of the joint chiefs drawing attention to this, saying we have to act. that was a very significant call to arms. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan. we will talk about this during
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the hour on good news, now, the iraq war veteran from arizona coming home to a surprise celebration, neighbors and friends of the helicopter pilot lining a street and waving american flags approaching his house. the parade took the father of three and his wife completely by surprised. >> amazing. nice to know that people are aware of it and they care. >> crazy. i love it. it is really special. always these people to do this. it is great. >> one captain's neighbors came up with the idea and the neighbor said after the captain sacrificed, he could not just have him walk in the door. what a crowd. one of the most popular makers of kids' products is recalling millions and millions of items. we have the details ahead. stay tuned.
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>> >>shepard: good news and bad economic news: the labor department says new jobless claims fell dropping by 16,000 to 453,000.
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and according to the commerce department our gross domestic product, the measure of the economy's health grew by 1.7 percent in the second quarter. that is higher than the analysts expected. the bad news: jobless claims are higher than in a healthy economy and the overall economy is losing momentum since last year. the woman that the president picked to pick up a new consumer protection agency giving the first major speech saying americans think the banks, think of banks like "snakes," and consider their fine print to be garbage. elizabeth warren saying the top priority is to simplify mortgage and credit card agreements and setting up a new agency as part of the "financial overall," from this summer and will address the biggest problems in the economic crisis were. bad loans. but critics say it is unnecessary and would create confusion without doing anything
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good. and now gerri willis. they just enacted a massive piece of legislation with credit cards. what else is she processing? >>reporter: how to sumbly file documentation of mortgages, and she wants a one-page mortgage, and a lot of experts say, guess what, there are holes in the credit card act that you can drive a truck there, a small business credit card you may not be eligible for the presentations to consumers on their credit cards. so she thinks there is room to maneuver and slow was explicit in other comments. >>shepard: some of the analysts found the comments surprising. >>reporter: let me read a quote which is funny comparing the helpeders to "snakes," and she says where i am from in oklahoma if you do what you guys do it is garbage, too many
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americans think of bankers as snakes but she made no friends in the lending industry. so that will be interesting to see how it works. >>shepard: it will be a rough ride. >>reporter: thank you. >>shepard: you can catch the willis report on the fox business network. the toy giant filibuster are -- fisher price recalling a number of tricycles, some with popular characters like barbie. they have a plastic ignition key near the seat that kids can sit on or fall on. that has been leading to injuries much the company recalling more than a million highchairs. the pegs on the back of the chair are cutting some kids. for more information on the recall including a list of all
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the toys involved, sit laid out for you the new york city has to change a quarter million street signs because the feds say those that are up could endanger lives. what is wrong? federal highway administration says the signs in all capital letters are more difficult to read and drivers keep their eye off the road longer and are at greater risk of getting into a crash. they want the city to switch to upper case and lower case signs. all the fonts have to match all the numbered street signs in all of new york city have to be changed. the cost? $27 million. but we have plenty of money these days. it will only take about seven years to change them all. another wrinkle in the relationship with russia. some lawmakers want to keep dozens of high ranking russian
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>>shepard: breaking news on fox news, brands new video in from ecuador where they are having enormous problems. hundreds of police protesting a new law that cuts their benefits, plunges the nation into chaos today. the airport is shut down. the highways are blocked. a strike nation-wide. and the president caught up in the violence. he was hospitalized because of tear gas. he said "if you want to kill the president, here he is, kill me." again, that is from the ecuador president today calling on the
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police to submit to the order and high is calling it an attempted coup by the opposition saying history will judge them. a nationwide strike must not stand, including with the military. in a bit of trouble this thursday morning, there. >> the parents of a 13-year-old boy in texas say bullies drove their son to kill himself and they claim school officials did not do a thing. an 8th grader shot himself in the hold over the weekend on the morning of his death, the teen reportedly told his stepfather he was gay but the stepfather said he was fine with it. and now, his mother and stepfather say their son is dead. because other students harassed him about the sexual orientation. >> it was like a pack of animals what they would do to him. we her the same names, we gave the names to the schools and
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nothing was done. >> a spokesman denies the allegations and trace with the news from los angeles. parents say they notified this school not once, but several times. >>reporter: either the records are not being kept or somebody in this case is not telling the truth. the parents say their son was bullied relentlessly and they talked to coaches, they talked to counselors, to the vice principal and they said they made several phone calls and they said e-mails, and they got no response. here is the mother. our son has been bullied at school. no matter what they may be trying to say now, of course they will say that now. but he is not the only one and he is not the only one that was harassed by these students. >>reporter: after the news conference, other parents have come forward saying their children were also bullied at
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the high school and the school did nothing about those cases, either. >>shepard: anymore from the school? what is their position? >>reporter: the school tells a very different story saying they have no records of the couple coming on campus, no words of fop calls, no records of e-mails. the school maintains that no staff members were ever notified, no students were notified because if they had, this would have been investigated. here is a statement released by the school. "a district team is conducting a thorough and involved investigation into the allegations of bullying that have been made since the death of the asher brown, the official findings indicate that asher's personal and family histories remain very complicated." the school would not elaborate on that phrase "very complicated," just saying they have no records of them
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complaining of him being bullied. >>shepard: thank you from los angeles, trace. former president carter is out of the hospital. we are told back at work. president carter checked into a hospital in cleveland after he got sick on a flight. the hospital spokesman said he had a viral infection that caused stomach pain. president carter is already back in washington, and landed for an ever vent. two members of congress introduced legislation to strip visas of 60 senior russian officials. they claim the officials are connected to the death of this anticorruption attorney. he died in a russian prison. and now the news from the pentagon. jennifer, who is this russian lawyer? what was he trying to do? >>reporter: this is a story of how the russian prison system is a modern day gulag, a
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37-year-old lawyer and was investigating corruption at the high of the level in the russian government when he was killed in prison. he was investigating on behalf of his american client and he was investigating $230 million that went missing. shipship what did they do? >>reporter: he was kept in one of the harshest prisons with no window pan. s and they were were over crowded cells, and they kept him under a stressful situation and here is what the head of the fund said happened to him. >> on november 16 he went into critical condition and they did move him to a prison hospital but what they did to him at the hospital is unforgivable thing i have heard. instead of treating him they put him in a straitjacket and put him in isolation cell and left him for one hour and 1 minutes until he died.
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>>reporter: because he was trying to fight corruption. >>shepard: thank you. the up manned drone attacks on militants in pakistan are having a devastating effect on the terrorists but it is also now clear that most pakistanis do not like the missile strikes. according to a poll by the nonprofit new american foundation, nearly 90 percent of pakistanis say they want the u.s. to stop the drone operations and 60 percent say they are fine with suicide attacks against american troops as a result. on the bright side, three quarters of pakistanis survey disapprove of al qaeda. prosecutors announce details of a huge cyber crime ring that targeted folks online and cleared out their banking accounts. we are told the risk of these scams is far from over.
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of some of the annoying symptoms menopause brings. introducing one a day menopause formula. the only complete multivitamin with soy isoflavones to help address hot flashes and mild mood changes. new one a day menopause formula. >>shepard: a new study concerning those who suffer from adhd with direct evidence showing that it is a genetic disorder. kids are twice as likely to have this with missing or extra chromosomes as other children. this should dispell myths that it is triggered by bad parents
3:28 pm
or diets high in sugar. the bought. of the hour and time for the top of the news, a crime that did not require weapons but a computer mouse. they are charging three dozen people in a cyber crime ring that stole millions by using computer virus to sneak on to people's computers and collect their banking information. and now big developments. i thought you could not do this. >>reporter: absolutely not. the criminals prove that we have to stay a step lady as the -- stay a step ahead with big news arresting 60 people in connection with this money stealing zeus virus. 17 are still wanted in detection with the crimes. these are some of the faces. a lost them are look they are eastern european and russian
3:29 pm
background. all 60 stole $33 million from more than 30 corporations and individuals and infected five different u.s. banks. >>shepard: the portal was a professional site? >>reporter: the individuals were targeted, the people that were impacted, were targeted because they had access to online commercial banking information or did financial transactions. the hackers be friended them when they clicked on the link. that is when the virus went into their computer. all they had to do was click on the link. >>shepard: according to the security company, we can expect a lot more of this in the future? >>reporter: as more and more data and more and more transaction migrate to the web, these hacking criminals will be attracted because there is a lot of money to be made here.
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>>shepard: thank you shibani. >> and now the weather. the storm is headed up the east coast and a change in the path. people who are up and down the traveled northeast corridor -- new york, boston and portland and beyond -- that area along the coast, you can see what the storm has done. rather than ride the coast it has moved inland and the vast majority of the water coming with it moved inland. washington, dc got socked. western new york state, western sections of new jersey, pennsylvania all getting slammed but it looks like the dire predictions for new york city and boston are not going to come true as the storm moved with most of the moisture to the west. but, still, a lot of rain is coming down across many areas right now. the trawght is, we are not entirely sure everyone is out of the woods. 2" to 3" in new york city.
3:31 pm
boston, something near that. and now the federal reserve chairman has just said the u.s. economic activity remains "disappointingly slow." and unemployment is "too high," and the fed has a role in returning to economic health. "we have in the mere and medium term difficult challenges." he told this to a group of teachers at a meeting. "first and for most although the economy is stabilized clearly it is very difficult and a very difficult time for many americans." that is a widely nope truth. "the unemployment rate is almost 10 percent, inflation is quite low and the federal reserve has the responsibility, we are not the only policymakers, we have to do our part to help the economy recover and make sure jobs come back to the united states." a lot of people question whether if that is a weapon they are firing to help the economy if they are not just about out of
3:32 pm
ammunition. that is the fed chairman trying to feel the pain with us and explain to us they are doing all they can. according to the wieft of -- wife of tony curtis, he always said god is great, god won't hurt us because he looks like tony curtis. now he knows how he looks. hollywood icon, tony curtis dead today. a look back.ories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love light & fit. [ commearlier, she hady vonn! an all-over achy cold... what's her advantage? it's speedy alka-seltzer! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus rushes relief for all-over achy colds. the official cold medicine of the u.s. ski team.
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>>shepard: today we learned that actor tony curtis died at his home in las vegas today. he was 85. he appeared in more than 100 films from comedy to drama and personal life mirrored his long career on stage. >>reporter: he made husband look twice. tony curtis was born june 3rd,
3:36 pm
1925 in new york. he joined the u.s. navy at 17 which brought him around the world but he never saw combat. to the end of the 1940's he returned home and started acting class. after a theater agent saw him in "golden .," he was signed to a contract with universal pictures. in 1949, he landed the first role in "crisscross," where he danced with a famous dancer and given a leading role in "the prince who was a thief," and then married actress janet lee. they had two daughters, one well-known actress jamie lee, and in 1959 he started in "some like it hot," a film that put him with jack lemmon, and it was later learned he and marilyn had a brief relationship. they started in "spartacus,"
3:37 pm
tony curtis could act. he started in "the boston strangler," and won great reviews. he fought hard for the role gaming 30 pounds and put on a fake nose to look like the character. hard work did not bring the oscar nomination he wanted but it property him pride. the greatest film performance in the history of movies. at this point he was in the midst of the third marriage that produced two sons. by the early 1970's he grew tired of the mother business and used drugs and drank. at the urging of his kids he checked into the betty ford rehab clinic and sobered up. he grew old are he switched gears and began to paint and his brit canvases were compared to the work of matisse and he got a
3:38 pm
new degree of success. in 1994 his son died of a seizure from heroin use and then he walked down the aisle for ath time, new wife, was 45 years younger than him. tony curtis, a true legend of the silver screen. the comedy world mourning the loss of comic, a 44 year father of three died after an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. medics found him unconscious at a hotel in new jersey. he was a veteran of stand up circuit with regular on "celebrity roast," and on "last comic standing," and a host on nbc and all over comedy central. the comic, greg giraldo is dead. stay tuned.
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the morning pain reliever. >>shepard: and scientists call it the most earth-like planet they have ever discovered. they call it the goldy locks climate because it is not too hot or too cold, could have water and possibly life. this is an artist rendering of what the planets could look like. but it is far away: 20 light-years depending on the weather and the traffic. but scientists are excited because the planet is almost the same distance from its star as we are from our star. look at the cart. the location could make life possible. with us now is astronomer and an author of "the crowded universe, the senator for living planets."
3:43 pm
>>guest: good to be here out of the rain. >>shepard: could we have found a living planet? >>guest: i think this is the best case presented to date. an important thing about the planet it could have an atmosphere where it could rain as it is doing today on the east coast and while we may not care for rain on the east coast it is crucial to having life. that is a big breakthrough, a possible planet that could have liquid water on the surface. >>shepard: you have followed the star for a decade? >>guest: the search lab done by my colleagues, paul butler and steven volk following it for 12 years now. it has taken that much data to tease out what is in the system. >>shepard: is it possible to find out if there is carbon dioxide or an atmosphere, that sort of thing? >>guest: that is what we want to ask. figure out how to do it. there are lands that nasa has made for several decades to
3:44 pm
launch powerful new space telescopes to do the observations. the problem is the telescopes are difficult to build, they cost several billion and the current budget environment we cannot afford that but they are planning on developing the temperature to develop such a telescope so ten or 20 or 30 years from now we will see if the planet has life as we suspect. >>shepard: based on the distance to the star what is the thinking, or is there a way to calculate the surface temperature? >>guest: the distance of the planet from the star, and we can calculate if it was a wrong, it should be the temperature 60 degrees fahrenheit which is too cold for liquid water. but if the rock has atmosphere on it, and it has a greenhouse operating on it, that could warm the planet up to a level where on part of the planet there could be liquid water and part could be frozen, and part could be liquid, and it is close
3:45 pm
enough to having the possibility of liquid water as the best case for poe -- potentially another world. >>shepard: i read the extreme it could go as long as 25 below fahrenheit and up to 160 fairp -- fahrenheit but it could be short leave weather. >>guest: like the best day possible in an art tick can which has life in dry valleys. >>shepard: we know they are not little men jumping back and forth between here, i am told to ask you that. >>guest: if there is life, it would be something like bacteria on our planet. that is the easy form of life to find. >>shepard: a fascinating discovery. thank you. >>shepard: somebody showed a
3:46 pm
sexual encounter with another man on the internet and then the 18-year-old college student jumped off the george washington bridge. can prosecutors connect the two? should they? new information about what happened in the final sad days of this young man's life. stay tuned.
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>>shepard: more on the sad cyber spying case that ended with a victim killing himself. prosecutors say two college freshman used a camera to secretly broadcast live images of a teen boy file he was having a sexual encounter with another boy in the dorm. other structures say this became gossip in the dorm and prosecutors say a day after a suspect tried to pull the student off a second time, the victim committed suicide.
3:50 pm
the leader of a gay rights group is calling it a hate crime. there are questions this afternoon about whether the two suspects in the case who already face invasion of privacy charges, should face tougher penalties. with us is fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. very sad. >>guest: it is sad. and prosecutable. but the legislature of new jersey and the congress probably did not contemplate this kind of an end when they wrote these statutes which are very low level meaning that they provide for short prison terms and they provide for the following: a defendant convicted of the statutes should not go to jail. there is what we called a presumption of non-incarceration. three statues, two nj in, one federal. one in new jersey is invasion of privacy, observing a person when they expect they will not be observed. the other is, transmitting the image of what you observed, invasion of privacy, 18 months
3:51 pm
in jail. transmitting the image, five years in jail. there is a federal stat iewlt saying if you transit it over interstate lines which happened here, that is a year in jail but for all three of these crimes, the person is not supposed to go to jail unless they already have a criminal record. or unless there is some horrific thing that they did like they were paid for the crime. they destroyed evidence. they hindered their own prosecution. they did this out of racial or hatred for the victim. if one of those types of events is present the court could put the people in jail but, again, it is a relatively short period of time. this is not for the death but only for the spying and transmission of the image. >>shepard: a friend of one of the suspects in this case, a boy and a girl, the friend said he
3:52 pm
is very open minded talking about this suspect here, and it is like if it were a girl in the room it would not have been different. so, the point is, he sort of messing with his roommate not because he took it up with a guy but because he is hooking up and because he is the roommate. >>guest: the law of new jersey requires, to connect this stunt or this invasion of privacy, whatever you want to call it, to the death, there has to be an intention to cause the death or a physical connection between the observation of them having sex and his dying. that is simply not here. fact this was not done out of hatred would indicate probably no incarceration. it is tough to accept this. an innocent young man taking his own life because of an event that is lawful and utterly private and he had nothing to do with the publication of the event. he should be alive and well but he is dead. and nobody will be punished for
3:53 pm
it. >>shepard: help us understand the difference between there and the bullying case in massachusetts. this girl was bullied and bullied and bullied and they connected the dots saying this led to her suicide. and the prosecution is possible. >>guest: great question. if this had been done over and over and over again, then the prosecutors could argue to a judge and jury this was an attempt to drive him crazy or drive him out of his mind or drive him to suicide then you can prosecute for some form of manslaughter but with a one-time event like this, with the passage of several days between the event and the death, with zero evidence of those who perpetrated this invasion of privacy, wishing to cause death, it is unlikely there would be a prosecution. that is the difference. if this were the 10th time, they
3:54 pm
would have a strong case. but as the one and only time they do not have a case to bring against the people involving the death. >>shepard: with a bullying case like in massachusetts that was so sad and this case out of northern new jersey, out of rutgers, equally sad, you have to change something and rutgers has made some changes. they say they are starting up a new program including sensitivity class and how to get along because their point is sometimes kids do things just messing around, doing a roommate prank and it can lead to much more than young people realize. i heard people on cable chat shows, this should be a hate crime or they should be prosecuted and the point you make it is about intent i >>guest: correct. what did they intend? they intended to make fun of him and cause him some inconvenience, it appears from what we know. this could be more evidence
3:55 pm
coming forward. they never intended to bring about his death. there is very little the prosecutors can do. will they prosecute him? yes. will they ask for jail? yes. could they go to jail? if the court fines there is some other thing here in addition to observing and transmit ing what they observed, yes, they can go to jail but i don't know what this is depending on the facts they come up with. >>shepard: thank you. and now like pictures from miami gardens, florida. this is a junk yard fire. this includes parts of palm beach, coming in on remote. i don't have anymore information other than that so there is not a lot to say. that is a junk yard. there is the fire. for a guy would last name is a
3:56 pm
number, you would think he could be able to get the number straight. cincinnati bengal has a new children's career and the rather unfortunate phone number for a sex line. stay tuned.
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bengal player, chad ochocinco, who has an ad and a number that appears to be for charity but it is not charity telephone number, but for a sex phone line. people were answered by someone saying "you must be 18 or over to get into this party, baby." chad ochocinco told a news channel it is a mistake and he is sure the company behind the cereal will fix the problem. and now while some wrestle with crocodiles an odd couple has been together every day for two decades. he is a 52-year-old fisherman, a 17' long crocodile weighing in at 1,000 pounds, he can rollover, hug, and


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